The Challenge

Selling utilities online is tough. Everyone needs them, but how do you know when prospective customers will be in market, and how do you tempt them away from their existing supplier?

The challenge is to combine brand perception and consideration goals with direct response metrics. When the KPI is CPA based on new accounts, Crimtan looks for users that were just about to renew their supplier and drive them to the client’s site to sign up.

Crimtan Strategies

  • Pixels were placed on site early to identify and exclude new customers and to build geo-profile data for prospective customers
  • For broadband services, ISP targeting was also used to ensure no impressions are wasted on existing customers
  • Crimtan developed custom groups of users who are more likely to switch their account by examining onsite and offsite data such as contextual and geo data that indicates more transient, high density populations along with open source data for households
  • This information was used to optimise the campaign and to develop large lookalike audiences for prospecting and fulfil secondary branding objectives

Campaign Results

  • CPA was consistently below target.
  • Utilities audiences were found on tablet devices more
    than average.

A strong correlation was seen between at-home tablet use in the evening and converting users. Crimtan used these insights to adjust delivery to tie in with TV campaigns and the client saw a sharp rise in site visitors.

The Takeaway

For utilities companies, the challenge is to find data points that indicate raised expectation that a user is a potential customer and deliver branding messages that work across devices and include a strong, competitive call to action. To do this you need experience of trading to a large target market geographically spread across the nation combined with technology capable of using granular converter data to model large potential customer audiences.

“We were impressed by Crimtan’s ability to identify and reach home-owners and overlay onsite and offsite data to develop responsive audiences.”

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