The Challenge

The travel sector is complicated; different departure points, destinations and packages mean there are hundreds of variables.

Crimtan finds niche audiences and drives them to convert on site within defined CPA or price-per-passenger targets.

Crimtan Strategies

  • Architect™ identified the profiles of users buying different types of travel trips and developed niche audience segments for each
  • Prospecting campaign for in-market travellers used location data for departure point and contextual analysis to establish destination
  • Demographic and Crimtan Audience Segment data was used to target specific groups
  • Dynamic ad creatives ensured users saw messages relevant to their location, destination and most appropriate package

Campaign Results

CPA started below target and remained low when scaled within our 8 million user travel segment.

The Takeaway

To efficiently run complex campaigns in such a vast market with many data variables you need a DMP that can combine good site data with offsite data insights to create specific segments that can use dynamic ad creative and lookalike targeting to reach extended audiences across the web.

“Crimtan has managed complex campaigns with many variables using offsite data and lookalike modelling. Their traders have worked with us for a long time, adapting campaigns for constantly changing routes, user types, offers and seasonal variations.”

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