The Challenge

Telco’s sell a range of products to all types of customer – PAYG, Contracts, SIM only deals, broadband and bundle packages containing entertainment. The challenge is to target defined groups that are most likely to be in-market for each product.

Crimtan was tasked to reach distinct market groups and beat a maximum CPA.

Crimtan Strategies

  • Architect™ was used to identify the lifestyle interests, demographics and other user criteria for each target group for each product type
  • These were modelled further using client insights to develop custom segments
  • Dynamic creative was used to prospect for in-market customers and ensure that a relevant message was delivered to each user
  • During the campaign, conversion data was used to further refine segment definitions and scale delivery to larger audiences

Campaign Results

The Takeaway

If you have a range of products catering for a large varied market you need a DMP that can combine good site data with offsite data insights to create specific segments that can use dynamic ad creative and lookalike targeting to reach large, relevant audiences across the web.

“We were impressed by how much the ability of the creative to insert content dynamically reduced our workload and allowed for more relevant messages to be delivered to potential customers – significantly improving the CPA.”

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