Programmatic Branding

Deliver relevant and engaging messages to your target market to win over more customers

Dynamic Prospecting

Discover and target potential customers actively looking to buy and drive them to your website

Smart Retargeting

Dynamically re-message hot prospects who have visited your site and bring them back to purchase

Customer Engagement

Keep the conversation going with existing customers and build stronger brand loyalty



Programmatic Branding

For advertisers looking to build brand awareness, increase brand affinity and encourage consideration at the top of the purchase funnel, Crimtan’s Programmatic Branding solution is best in breed.

Programmatic Branding enables advertisers to precisely target their audience, using hi-impact creative, on quality inventory with tightly controlled frequency, planning, optimisation and insights.

Crimtan delivers these essential campaign elements better than anyone else – ensuring superior branding results.

Precise Targeting

Crimtan targets users rather than pages and reaches an advertisers precise audience with no wastage compared to other targeting options.

For branding campaigns, demographic data is of primary importance and partnerships with companies such as ComScore provide real targeting precision.

Creative Impact and Viewability

We design, deliver and execute hi-impact, unique formats and ensure that they run with high viewability.

We are so confident of our ability to deliver high viewability that we are happy to offer a cost per viewed ad option.

Quality Inventory

We are one of the first companies to be awarded the JICWEBS DTSG kitemark for utilising best practice brand safety techniques and tools including Integral Ad Science.

We recognise the importance of quality inventory and have our own network of premium publishers and over 60 Private Exchange deals that offer quality content with high dwell time.

Planning and Optimisation

Humans and machines work together to optimise campaigns towards any branding KPI’s, delivering excellent results along with important campaign and market insights

Architect™, our planning system, ensures that pre campaign planning has perfect knowledge of the data and inventory available


Dynamic Prospecting

Crimtan’s market-leading Dynamic Prospecting solution drives new visitors and customers to our client’s sites.

Arguably the most important goal within digital marketing, our world-class Dynamic Prospecting product fully delivers against the promise of delivering the right ad, to the right person at the right time – and at the right price.

Crimtan’s Dynamic Prospecting does this by combining our best in market data, proprietary delivery system, dynamic creative ad server and Architect™ planning and forecasting engine.

Best in Market Data

Unlike retargeting, where 99% of the data value comes from first party site visitors, prospecting success relies on access to effective data at affordable rates.

Crimtan’s contracts with leading data providers mean always-on data, so exceptional optimisation is achieved at zero marginal campaign cost – essential for achieving the best direct response results.

Leading Delivery System

Crimtan’s leading delivery system Ramp 360 has been designed from the ground up to maximise our data advantage.

The system optimises to all data points simultaneously for each campaign strategy, using machine learning or human intervention.

Dynamic Creative Ad Server

Dynamic creative enables Crimtan to ensure the best possible ad, containing relevant products and offers, is shown to each user. Creative can be alternated depending on any of the data points we have available for a user.

For example different ads can be delivered to different genders, different ages, different locations and more.

Architect Planning

Architect solves this problem by forecasting the value of any data point before it is used, allowing planners or machines to select the most important data points from the outset.

Moreover, it allows market knowledge from the planning teams to be combined with the insights developed from Crimtan’s big data techniques.


Smart Retargeting

Crimtan’s Smart Retargeting is the most effective way to convert your site visitors into customers.

Retargeting is a hugely powerful digital marketing strategy but it often suffers from inappropriate attribution, poor frequency control, low creative quality and unsuitable post purchase messaging.

Smart Retargeting is Crimtan’s solution to all these problems and the best available retargeting product in the market. It correctly utilises best practice segmentation, dynamic creative, real time impact along with strategically relevant frequency and optimisation.

Best Practice Segmentation

It’s important to divide visitors into distinct segments such as single visit, repeat visitor, deep engager, exit checkout and more).  And each segment should be treated differently with its own strategies and KPI’s.

Crimtan’s technology is designed for powerful segmentation allowing for strategic control of different user types.

Dynamic Creative

For nearly 10 years, dynamic creative has been a big part of a retargeter’s armoury.

Through its Reflow technology, Crimtan provides exceptional looking, content rich dynamic creative that is compatible with all major devices and browsers.

Real-time Impact

The two best times to retarget a user are immediately after they have abandoned the buying process or when they restart browsing after a gap.

Crimtan’s technology is built from the ground up to work in real time to ensure that such opportunities are not wasted.

Frequency and Optimisation

Crimtan firmly believe that retargeting frequency caps should be determined by the company strategy and designed not to annoy potential customers.

The same is true of optimisation techniques that should maximise client utility rather than vendor revenue.


Customer Engagement

Crimtan Customer Engagement is specifically designed to drive brand loyalty and provide cross sell and up-sell opportunities for our clients.

This hugely important part of the marketing mix is often either ignored or done unintentionally (and badly) by continuing to retarget users after they have purchased.

Customer Engagement is able to segment customers, utilise offline data and provide optimal messaging in a way that safeguards data leakage. The perfect recipe for sales success.

Segmenting Customers

Our tracking technology is perfectly designed to work with sales data, customer login, customer email and other online interactions.

Our engineering pedigree gives provides the opportunity for cookie syncing, custom segmentation and other advanced techniques.

Enable Offline Data Sets

As customers don’t always revisit regularly and log into a client’s site, online targeting can be a challenge.

To overcome this and ensure persistent data, it’s important to overlay offline data. Crimtan’s DMP can integrate offline data to maximise its use and understand lifetime customer value.

Safeguarding Data

A key concern for advertisers running digital campaigns is the control of data; their core customers are, after all, their most important asset.

Crimtan has a number of techniques that provide the reassurance advertisers need.

Our Data Guarantee

For complete security, Crimtan offers one way encryption of customer ID’s and ensures customer data is only held by the advertiser.

This means Crimtan keeps no data at all on the clients customers and the advertiser only releases the relevant encrypted customer ID’s when they wish to execute a digital campaign.


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