The Challenge

Selling a wide range of items online needs clever targeting using efficient data and delivery strategies.

A large UK retailer tasked Crimtan to exceed a pre-defined ROI target and, as a secondary KPI, to drive new users to the site.

Crimtan Strategies

  • A conversion pixel deployed on site passed back basket value before campaign start
  • At campaign start a tracking pixel was configured to fire only when Crimtan delivered a new user
  • A conversion pixel enabled Architect™ to establish the profiles of converting customers
  • Using this data, Crimtan developed delivery and bidding strategies to maximise conversions by targeting specific postcodes on certain sites, up-weighted early in the morning and late evening
  • Understanding the basket value meant we fine-tuned optimisation to drive more users with higher value purchases
  • Offsite data was used to develop custom segments based on relevant keywords enhanced by the demographic and lifestyle profile of the converting audience
  • This was used to build a lookalike audience for prospecting relevant

Campaign Results

  • New user CTR of 1.38%
  • 50% better than the target of 0.9%
  • ROI of 260%
  • 30% better than the target of 200%

The Takeaway

To get a good ROI and CTR you need pre-campaign planning insights to identify product specific data that allow intelligence-led bidding strategies. Meanwhile, a DMP can use offsite and onsite data to develop lookalike audiences that perform well at scale and drive new users to the site.

“Crimtan were consistently one of the best performers on the plan and were the only partner to identify that delivery at 8am and 10pm to locations outside large towns and cities provided the best CPA.”

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