The Challenge

Estate agents need to reach web users who might be interested in new properties or developments that are ready for sale. But how do you reach in-market buyers who are looking to move to that area?

A property company regularly completed new developments nationwide. With 26 property developments in their Northern Territory they asked Crimtan to create a dynamic prospecting campaign so the nearest development was delivered to web users most likely to purchase.

Crimtan Strategies

  • Before dynamic creative, advertising this many areas on a geolocation basis meant building 104 separate ad units.
  • Crimtan targeted users researching property and used postcode data to trigger a dynamic feed and display the most local development to the user’s location.
  • One location was targeted to develop the best strategy before scaling delivery to include further areas.

Campaign Results

The Takeaway

Off-line purchases like property rely on strategies that efficiently identify likely purchasers and engage them with relevant messages that will drive them to your site. For businesses with multiple or frequent new products, dynamic creative is highly cost effective and produces better results when targeted at highly relevant groups of users.

“Using dynamic creative to find new prospects has saved us money and hours of work. Even better, the results were significantly better than static ad units.”

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