The Challenge

Online sales are big business for companies selling financial products – and the KPI is often a CPA based on an approved application, insurance taken out or loan granted.

Crimtan was tasked to find relevant prospective customers and drive them to the client’s site to apply for a financial product – with the success of the campaign judged by approved new business.

Financial services companies generally won’t allow tracking pixels on site so it’s not possible to build user profiles to target prior to campaign start. The challenge was to quickly develop customer segments that perform well and to scale these over the course of the campaign.

Crimtan Strategies

  • Targeted Crimtan’s Home Finance segment and rapidly established that two key factors drove performance
  • Different Crimtan Audience Segments were needed for each product
    • Geo- location affected approval rate and the CPA was significantly better in well-off areas
    • Crimtan developed custom strategies for each product using onsite audience and geo insights with relevant offsite data
  • Detailed profiles of approved customers were established and lookalike audiences developed to scale the campaign

Campaign Results

CPA varies according to the financial product, but as campaigns progress, improved conversion data enables us to beat CPA targets while adapting optimisation and bidding strategies to reach new pools of performing users.

The Takeaway

To get the best results from your budget it’s essential to identify the customer profiles for each financial product and develop strategies to target them at scale. Building a long- term relationship with a digital technology provider that has a DMP is essential to success.

“The longer campaigns ran the better Crimtan performed, and since our first campaign we have increased budgets and added new products.”

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