The Challenge

Whether it’s streaming movies, buying CDs or visiting the theatre, entertainment campaigns have to reach groups of users defined by their lifestyle choices. Engaging creative content is readily available to produce ads with real impact, so the challenge is to clearly identify and accurately target relevant users online.

CPA goals can vary from signing up for TV packages, to booking tickets to downloading content. Audience targeting by lifestyle interests and purchase intent is key, but other strategies are used for more complex campaigns where up-selling existing customers is the goal. In this example, an existing broadband client wanted its high-speed customers to upgrade to its movie package.

Crimtan Strategies

  • Crimtan used relevant lifestyle segments and insights from onsite and offsite activity to establish a typical customer profile and develop large lookalike audiences
  • ISP targeting was used to ensure ads were only delivered to users able to upgrade
  • Contextual targeting used generic movie terms and specific promotions to build a key word list. Crimtan bid for those terms in RTB exchanges and located them in direct publisher inventory and on other exchange platforms within the site keyword metatag
  • Custom site lists were built based on relevant content and search keywords and lookalike profiles were based developed on the users we saw on those sites

Campaign Results

The Takeaway

The ability to establish site visitors and purchasers exact lifestyle interests is critical, so a DMP with advanced audience profiling capability is a must. But you also need to be able to combine this data with other offsite data and define the best performing inventory for best results. Make the most of available content and strong brand affiliation to build rich media creative in HTML5 so that your ads have real impact across all devices.

“We were impressed by Crimtan’s ability to reach the right audience on relevant inventory and produce engaging creative that adhered to our strict brand guidelines.”

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