Please contact your Crimtan Client Services contact if any creative falls outside these minimum specifications or if it is not listed here.

Insertion orders and creative must be submitted at least four working days before campaign launch date. For more information contact us on 020 7821 6864 or email

All campaigns will be invoiced based on Crimtan server statistics.


Crimtan was the first company to issue a Primary Agreement and Digital Trading Statement that provides agencies with complete transparency about how we protect advertisers’ brands online. We were awarded a JICWEBS DTSG kitemark (view certificate) in May 2014. This cross industry set of best practice standards aims to minimise the risk of display advertising placement on inappropriate content.


General Specifications

Unit Sizes

120 x 600
160 x 600 (expandable to 600×600)
300 x 250 (expandable to 600×250)
300 x 600
468 x 60
728 x 90 (expandable to 728×315)
970 x 250

File types

Flash: SWF (Flash versions 4-10)
HTML5 Video: suitable for cross-browser delivery – discuss with your campaign manager

Technical requirements

All creatives must be free of applications including, but not limited to, ActiveX, viruses, exit pops, spyware, and malware.
Ads must not exceed 50% of a user’s CPU.
Creative coding may not use cross-domain scripting or set cookies in unapproved domains.
All creatives must open in new windows.

Maximum file size

Initial: 50K recommended
Total load size*: 2.2 MB maximum
*Total load size includes initial and subsequent/polite loads
NB. Smaller file sizes can improve loading speeds and inventory reach.

Video and animation duration

Maximum animation length: 30 seconds
Maximum host-initiated play: 30 seconds
No looping
Audio – User initiated

Maximum frame rates

Video – 24fps
GIF- 12fps

For Flash Creatives


Creatives must be built to use Flash versions 4 through 10.
You must supply a default image. If the browser doesn’t support the Flash version used for your creative, the default image will be served.
The last frame of the animation must include the following code in actionscript: “stop()”.
You must include a clickTag layer. The clickTag layer must be the topmost layer.
You may use a maximum of 2 clickTags in a single creative.
  • All Flash creative should employ the Click Action on (release)
  • { if (_root.clickTAG.substr(0,5) == “http:”) { getURL(_root.clickTAG, “_blank”);}}
All sound and animation (including video) must stop upon exit click.
On all ads with partially black, white, or transparent backgrounds, you must add a visible border of a contrasting colour to the majority background colour of the creative.

Advertising Policy

All advertisements are subject to approval by Crimtan. Crimtan reserves the right to refuse any ad submission which does not meet the requirements specified above, or is deemed otherwise inappropriate, distracting, or harmful to the online user experience. Please also see our Advertising Terms & Conditions.

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